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Heater Restoration Project


Heater Restoration

Heater Restoration

Project Scope

The purpose of the modifications and restoration was to expedite the commissioning of a main component of a new Unit in lieu of a new process heater by utilizing pieces of a furnace built in 1974, but never installed, in a new Diesel Hydrotreater Unit being constructed at a refinery.

This project offered some exciting challenges, such as:

  • Modifying a heater originally designed for 24.5 MM Btu/hr absorbed duty at 73% efficiency to a service of 33.0 MM Btu/hr at 89.8% efficiency
  • Totally structurally re-engineering the unit for a location hundreds of miles from original intended site
  • Designing and manufacturing missing pieces including the stack support structure, lower plenums, upper breeching duct, ladders and platforms, crossovers, and burners.

The thermal design required addition of convection process tube rows as well as a new boiler evaporator section to be added. The added requirement that the burners be a Low NOx design, but utilizing the original burner tiles, along with quick delivery required special design and testing techniques.

Heater Restoration Heater Restoration
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