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Air Heater & Burner Modification Project

Air Heater Modifications

Project Scope

The purpose of the revamp and modification was to eliminate poor burner combustion, draft limitations, tube overheating, and allow increased product throughput, while increasing overall system efficiency. Following data collection, the thermal rating for the direct fired heater including air preheat is evaluated to determine current operating conditions and then to determine target future operating conditions. A gas side analysis of the fired heater and air preheat system reveals that the existing air heater must be replaced and the burners modified to eliminate existing difficulties and meet future requirements.

Initially, burner modifications helped, but later replacement of air heater, elimination of air leakage, and improvements to the ID and FD fan allowed heater to meet and exceed requirements.

Burner kits were installed online, results can be seen on front burners versus rear burners in color photo below.

Air Heater Modifications


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